TOTAL warehouse blend modern systems and equipment, with industry’s-best-practices to bring optimization and enhanced service levels. Our Stores Management Services not only provide manpower and equipment needed to manage the day to day operations, but also something more of a competitive advantage.

Our Warehouse have top-class Material Handling Equipments (MHE) such as forklifts, electric stackers, systematic racking system, hydraulic docking systems etc. managed by well trained professionals. Leeway also supports the clients in deploying customizable stores management system. The Warehouse Management System is flexible and allows modifications to suit the needs of individual customers, including product data, inventory management, order management, and EDI capabilities

We currently cater to the following Industries for In-Plant Services:
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Agro Chemical & Pesticide Industry.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Segment.