Distribution today is the biggest challenge for most of the Customers and as per their expectation they need a comprehensive service with a broad range of additional features, value additions designed to provide solutions to their transport needs.

Be it a package, pallet or container; high-priority delivery or a less urgent, competitively priced freight; direct complete load or consolidated shipment via hub or Multi-modal delivery: our customers can always count on the expertise of TOTAL in the transport business

And this is how TOTAL experience combines with the passion to form the perfect basis for a complex or yet transparent service for national distribution.

TOTAL India National Distribution Capabilities:
  • Road Transportation
  • Milk-run concept for city and suburban deliveries
  • Trailer movements and ODC cargo handling
  • Primary Distribution from Port or Factories
  • Secondary distribution to regional warehouses
  • Last Mile Deliveries from regional warehouses to end customers
  • Customized deliveries to OEMs and their production line-haul
  • Spares Distribution
  • In Transit Cargo Insurance for High Value Shipments
  • On-site assembly and packaging services

FTL has been one of our Core Areas of expertise and operations since inception and at TOTAL we have one of the best networks and fleets with an equally efficient operations team to cater to our customer’s requirements and the challenges they face in the FTL Transportation.

At TOTAL, we have always ensured:
  • On time response and replies to customers with a proactive approach.
  • Quality of fleet sourced from the market & attached vendors
  • Efficiency of Placements as Against your Indents.
  • Competitive transportation freight rates.
  • Maintain the Quality of delivering your products safely and on time as agreed

TOTAL offers ODC/Project Cargo transportation service as its core specialty service and ranks among a very few of such specialized service providers.

We are much capable of handling ODC / Project Cargo, which requires the expertise of experienced dedicated and skilled personnel who are committed to service and also conduct road surveys to give expertise suggestion for smooth movement of the ODC cargo.

  • Presence & Network in 16 cities Pan India.
  • Location wise Vendor sourcing team.
  • Expertise in Vehicle Optimization, Milk Run & Reverse Logistics.
  • Efficiency in Route Planning & Mapping.
  • Adherence on SLA & Deliverables agreed
  • Regular MIS / Tracking / Delivery Confirmation