This company was formed by Mr. Pravin Gupta in the year 1998 as an extension to our existing Transport Business of 35 years.

The Company was incorporated in the year 1998 for Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation for various customers and is today associated with over 250 Corporates and dealing in various types of goods/products and services for Warehousing, Inplant Logistis and Transportation. The company today boasts of a big network of Branches / Warehouses / Fleets and elaborate ground infrastructure for undertaking multiple logistics related operations anywhere in the country. Started with one customer and 45 employees, presently having experienced Professionals direct hire 375 and indirect hire 175 managing value added services at all levels for more than five decades.

Enhanced Geographical Reach

Pan India presence, mainly 40 offices with 6 Lacs Sqft. of Warehouse spaces helping better co ordination at different locations.

Technological Competencies

Vast and practical experience in Logistics activities mainly Warehousing, Transportation, 3PL, 3PP, Line Feeding, In plant Logistics Sector such as Automobile, Telecom, FMCG, Industrial Equipments, Chemicals, Pesticides, Manufacturing Company and Enterprises, Agro and Retailing.


Expertise in Re-Engineering and implementation of Kanban, 5S and Kaizen Systems and having wel trained and experienced staff for the above area of activities.

Transportation of Fertilizers, Pesticides and Chemicals, FMCG, Food Products, Machinery, Engineering Goods, Glass, Steel Auto Accessories, Boilers and ODC Consignment.

Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (QEHSS) Policy

Total Logistics India Private Limited is committed to delivering high standards of sevice to our customers, maitain enviroment friendļy operations, protecting the health safety security and asets o ll our stakeholders fostering a cultue of continuous improvement and innovation and practicing good corporate citizenship in the communities in which we operate.

Our Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (QEHSS) Policy is effected through:

Customer Satisfaction

Delivering unparalleled personalized customer satisfaction thru service reliability and innovative solutions.


Comply with current applicable legislation, salutatory, fegulatory, international standards, customer and other stakeholder requirements consistent with our management system frame work and business code of ethics standards.

Pollution, incident, and Security Breach Prevention
  • Pollution and harmful emissions
  • Over consumption of physical resources and energy
  • Waste through minimization, reuse and recycling
  • Work-related injuries, health concerns and safety incidents
  • Stakeholder assets loss and security breaches
Training and Competency

Effective taining and education that is dedicated to ensuring our employees knowledge andskills are aline ad compliant with our relevant management system requirements.


Our management systems ensure continual improvement through periodic review of our policy, business processes, objectives and tarets, recognizing relevant business conditions, potential risks, changing conditions and new information.

Safety Policy - In Transport Sector
Legal duties and responsibilities around vehicles and transport.
  • Protecting employees and the public from risks associated with work place transport and vehicles.
  • Ensure the safe use of handling, storage and transport of artcles and substances and to provide adequate information, instuction and taining as required.
Assessing the risk from Transport and vehicles.
  • Measures must be taken to ensure people can move about the workplace safely.
  • Health and safety Executive recommends a five step approach.
Good Practices around work place transport and vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be safe, well maintained and fit for their intended purpose.
  • Person using vehicles and transport must have the appropriate qualifications and training.
  • Avoid the need for reversing activities wherever possible.