Re-arranging of the material in a warehouse in a scientific way based on the requirement of customer and giving recommendations for infrastructures. Developing vendor for infrastructure, Benefits in re-engineering:

Systematic Approach, Material preservation, Space Management, Visual management , “S” and FIFO, material Identification, Improvement in Inventory accuracy, Improvement in product availability. Improvement in Safety. Improvement in Standard packing practice. Improve efficiency in operation. Minimize Logistics cost and Optimize Distribution cost. Material Segregation, Stock Coding System – Bar coding, RFID.

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Over the years, we at Total Logistics are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, and a team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset and we hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength.

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To work hard and work smart and at the same time, dig out opportunities where no one sees them. It's easier to do your work in good times, but also learn to enjoy the thrill of overcoming a tough challenge in rough times.

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