IN - PLANT SERVICES always help to Re - Design & give a better look to your In Plant Facility in a systematic manner, Cut down on your Costs by Outsourcing, increase in Productivity ,efficiency and get the best out of your most valuable resources: your PEOPLE.

This isn't about taking control — it's about giving you more Control. Quality, Safety & a Process Oriented Approach and these are part of our culture, and we invest substantial time building consistent processes and training to achieve our goals and our CUSTOMERS goals.

We can support your team OR be your team, by rendering the below services:

Line Feeding, Re – Engineering, Warehouse Management.


Arrangement of machines, tools, and workers in which a product is assembled in a particular sequence as it is moved along a direct line or route.

Implement JIT / Kanban System for reducing storage space, Kitting/Assembling/Milk Run.

About Company

Over the years, we at Total Logistics are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, and a team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset and we hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength.

Our Objective

To work hard and work smart and at the same time, dig out opportunities where no one sees them. It's easier to do your work in good times, but also learn to enjoy the thrill of overcoming a tough challenge in rough times.

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